Heart to heart

In which I really appreciate the uncomplicated

It still puzzles me, what happened.

One moment, vague curiosity, the next?

Bolt from the blue, soul deep recognition, and cat noises.

It feels like we must have had some kind of tie in those former lives I don’t believe in – Sisters? Partners? One soul cleaved in two?

The harpoon that runs heart to heart feels ancient. 

There’s something wonderful about being able to love wholeheartedly without careful gauging of the other.

There is no watching the other person’s speed as we run toward each other, no careful dosing of affection in case the wrong message is given, no swallowed thoughts or stymied feelings. 

We’re a collision for the ages, stars plotted our meeting, bird guts had it writ large for centuries.

You’ve got those sharp edges I love, snarks spark under your skin, and that heart of yours glows incandescent.

You and me, we’re simple. 

It was about time that we met.


  1. I also don’t believe in reincarnation, and yet, met a friend that I felt that same kind of pull to and thought of it in those same terms (feeling like we must have known each other and been close in a past life). We’ve been friends nearly 20 years now – I miss being able to see them in person, but am grateful I live in the age of the internet.

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    1. Lovely to hear you’ve got one of your own too 🙂
      I’ve got quite a few relationships that owe a lot to the existence of the internet (or to phones) – my mum always remarks on the contrast between our communication (phone/internet) and the way she had to communicate with her own mother who still lived abroad (airmail/fax/rare phone calls). We get to exchange so much more 🙂

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