In time

In which we’ll meet again

Perhaps we’ll meet there

When the arches slump and weather

And strain to keep edge against edge.

The willows’ eyes will be dry by then,

Their hair will hang heavy in the water,

And gazes will fixate on stagnant twins.

Perhaps we’ll meet there

When these slabs no longer grind away

Under the patter of endless feet.

The stone lacework will have spindled 

Dark marks will marr the porcelain,

And safety bars will swing wild over water.

Perhaps we’ll meet there,

In air as thick as water, in the heat of a dying planet,

We’ll take flight against a purple sky.


  1. The last two lines are so bittersweet. While I never feel entirely certain of what a poem is trying to convey, this one seems to perfectly encapsulate my feelings lately – wanting to be able to take flight – wring some joy and love from existence – in spite of the way the world seems to be crumbling into ruin as I watch.

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    1. I’m really glad it resonated with you – I have this constant sense of dissonance that there’s beauty in devastation, and change is fundamentally neutral on the scale of the universe, alongside the horror of destruction and loss.

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      1. Your comment here gave me goosebumps. Possibly because it resonates with me, too. I can’t -feel- too devastated by large scale change, no matter how frightening, because I feel like it’s such a small and insignificant thing compared to the vastness of time and space. It’s comforting to me to think that whether we manage to fix things or not, the universe will continue, and be excruciatingly lovely, with or without us. And that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

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      2. That’s exactly how I feel! I think it’s my nature to maintain conflicting lenses, and when it all gets too miserable it’s a comfort to shrink back to insignificance 🙂
        I’m re-watching Farscape at the moment and am really enjoying the sense of perspective!

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      3. I’d attempt to say something to add to the serious, profound nature of this comment string… but all I can think about now is Claudia Black! When I finally came to terms with my sexuality, I realized my reaction to her while watching the series was definitely not a straight woman’s reaction. 😂

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      4. DEAR GOD. She is ridiculously hot, beats Crichton hands down. I also had the same reaction to Gillian Anderson. Though I think she’s gotten better with age.

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      5. In addition to Gillian being gorgeous, Scully is STILL one of the best female characters I’ve seen on TV. In hindsight, I was really able to appreciate that they let her be a stone-cold scientist on the job but also let her have religious beliefs, maternal instincts, and femininity.

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